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Red Sea Safari

The term safari originates originally from the Arabic word سفرية (safarīyah) meaning “a journey”. In Swahili Safari means “a long journey”. So, as you can imagine, I’m all for safari’s!  They come in all shapes and sizes, and I love them all. This particular long journey took place on – and in – the Red […]

The best public roads in the world!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to praise Germany’s perfect engineered autobahn. Nor am I going to get all lyrical about those switchbacks in the Alpes. The best roads…those have to be roads that are so exhilarating that they are the very reason to be there. If you are on the best roads no destination matters. […]

Diving the Maldives

Which way to paradise? The Maldives are an isolated group of Islands deep in the Indian Ocean. The closest countries are Sri Lanka and India who are about 700 and 400 km away. Now, that’s a long swim. With no less than 1,192 islands to discover, of which less than 200 are inhabited, I’m sure […]

Wall of Shame

“The Berm”, Western Sahara…Never heard of it? Neither did we, until we planned a trip from the North of Morocco to the West of Mali. The Moroccans built a huge wall of sand known as “the Berm” which runs for 2700 kilometers from Tata in the south of Morocco all the way to Guergarrat at […]

Icecold, Crystal Clear and Extremely Beautiful

It’s a cold and misty morning. I feel like the Michelin Man geared up for a dive in the Silfra pass in Iceland. Thermic underwear, an artic undersuit that is thicker than my skisuit, A thick neoprene drysuit and about 20 kg of lead…If it wasn’t clear before it’s clear now; this is not going […]

Moka Express

In 1933 the Italian economy wasn’t doing much better than today. Coffee crazed Italians were forced to limit their usual trips to the coffee bars because they were running out of money. That’s when Alfonso Bialetti invented the Moka Express! A personal stovetop espresso machine provided excellent coffee and looked pretty damned good too! The […]

Like heels on a Lady

That’s how I felt about my Land Rover Defender yesterday. It’s not comfortable or practical at all. Just like expensive female footwear It serves little other purpose than make you look good. Every 10 hours I drive the thing I spend one hour fixing something. If she wasn’t looking so freaking gorgeous I wouldn’t put […]


I imagine that’s what was heard over the radio on the saturday of november 24 in 1973. A United states C-47 Skytrain was forced to attempt an emergency landing on Solheimasandur’s black sandy beach in the south of Iceland. The crew survived the crash, and the wreck still lays in the exact spot where it […]