Tried and trail rated. Good or bad, we put our stuff to the test before we take it to the studio.

Like heels on a Lady

That’s how I felt about my Land Rover Defender yesterday. It’s not comfortable or practical at all. Just like expensive female footwear It serves little other purpose than make you look good. Every 10 hours I drive the thing I spend one hour fixing something. If she wasn’t looking so freaking gorgeous I wouldn’t put up with this sh*t. Despite all her bad manners I keep looking forward to every ride. Once you leave the tarmac the little truck pulls some Jeckill & Hide magic on you though. It feels like it just belongs there, and it runs circles around every other 4wd on the market. Yeah, it breaks down even faster now, but you can fix it with some inguinuity and a leatherman, so who cares…Since me and the little Defender are going to do a lot of posing together, I think we are a good match. Watch this space! I am going to treat it to some nice jewellery (read accessories), teach it to behave and try to make it into the perfect little overland companion.


Tool N° 1

To be honest, coffee is essential on the trail and there’s only one item that is more important to me, a knife!

If you are a hard-core city tripper you’ll probably won’t see the need to carry a knife. However, when travelling off the beaten path you will find a knife indispensable.

A bushcraft knife, custom made by Studio Blade

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