Aqua2go pro review

Running water is the ultimate luxury on any adventure trip. We have tried many different systems. First we tried US army 20 liter jerrycans: simple, very strong en reliable but far from practical. Expensive integrated water containers have the disadvantage of freezing in the winter rendering them absolutely useless. We tried water bags with & without built-in manual pumps, they seemed to be the perfect solution. But,… Read more

Outdoor essential No. I

Essentials are things that are very difficult to make or obtain in the wilderniss. You need a container for water as it is the most essential commodity for a human.

Remember this:

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Outdoor Cuisine

Here’s my basic personal cooking set when I go on hiking trips. For me this is as perfect as it gets; simple, sturdy & multifunctional. It allows me to cook my meal in 3 different ways.

  • On a campfire
  • On the WILD WOODGAS STOVE which allows me to have a contained fire with very little wood. I love it! It has a very clean, hot & effective combustion producing less carbon monoxide than an open fire. Also, you will never run out of fuel…
  • On a TRANGIA alcohol stove, when you can’t make a woodfire.

The WILD WOODGAS STOVE has a very compact 3-part design.

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