Roadtrip to Huasteca Potosina, Mexico.

Huasteca Potosina is a less visited area of Mexico, most tourists you”ll see here are Mexican. At least, when visiting in May or June.  I was on a family visit/holiday in Mexico when a friend of my father suggested to visit the Sierra Gorda in Queretaro. This mountainous region is known for its foggy mountains, steep canyons and has an immense diversity of plant and animal life.

Because the mountains block moisture coming in from the Gulf of Mexico and the many rivers and springs, there are many waterfalls in this biosphere and all are exceptionally beautiful.

This is how a perfect road trips starts:

  • A tip from a local
  • Time to waste
  • No plan, just a vague idea
  • No tourist guide
  • Rent  a “reasonably priced car”, mine was a new Polo VW.

How it all starts: “Hey man, you should visit the Sierra Gorda, it’s really beautiful”

So, I packed my bag and got on my way, roadtrip!!!

Take your time an visit the small villages on the way to the Sierra Gorda. This part of the Queretaro state has many colonial Franciscan missions that were declared UNESCO world heritage in 2003.

A village “zocalo” at night.

It’s easy to miss the small roadsigns that lead you to “cascadas” i.e. waterfalls where swimming is usually allowed. Have that swimming suit ready, pack a small daypack with lunch and water as it’s usually a solid walk to reach the waterfalls.

I had this waterfall all to myself all afternoon.

The Chuveje waterfall

No trespassing on this family’s ranch. The sign says: “This ranch is protected by God and arms, trespassers will meet both”

After a “tough day” on the road and swimming in paradise it’s off to another small village to have dinner and watch the locals dance on a Saturday night. In the weekend there’s a good chance that there will be a band playing in the zocalo and everybody joins the party. Don’t worry about eating from the small food stalls, this is were you”ll often find the best mexican food. If you’re worried about “tourista”, only eat food that’s been cooked.

Dressed in traditional clothing this girl gave quite a performance accompanied by a live band. 

You are invited to dance when you are given the hat. You can see the hat on the floor.

During the weekends farmers sell their crops at the local market.

The best Mexican food is often had in small roadside food stalls.

A local farmer, you can see he’s had a hard life”

Dressed to impress!

Last stop on my road trip was Las Pozas in Xilitla, a surrealistic fantasy garden by Edward James. This 32 acre garden of surrealistic sculptures in a tropical rainforest has gained popularity over the last years, after it was featured in a few documentaries. At certain times you”ll be cueing for more than 3 hours…

Las Pozas, Xilitla


Driving around on the small side roads is always rewarded with great views.

Locals refer to this building as “La Hacienda”

Inside view of “La Hacienda”. If only these walls could talk…

I deliberately left out the names of villages and waterfalls. The trick to this trip, is not knowing exactly where to go…

Keep exploring!