Off-grid power! Xtorm extreme powerbank & SolarBooster 12 watt panel.

Although we try to escape citylife when we head for the forests, we mostly carry electronics. For safety reasons -your mobile phone-, or entertainment.  We’ll use a GPS to point us in the right direction when we get lost. Everybody who has used a GPS knows the batteries drain quickly. Most smartphones need charging everyday. A portable powerbank is a good solution. The problem with most portable powerbanks is that they’re designed for life in the city….That’s why we like the Xtorm extreme, a powerfull waterproof powerbank that charged our GPS, IPad, iPhone, USB camplight, Kindle & GPS. A powerbank and a solar panel will keep all your electronic devices charged.

Xstorm exploremore - 2

We know of very few manufacturers that build a waterproof powerbank. The compact size is a big plus.The Solarbooster is a solar panel delivering 12 Watt. It charged my iPhone 5 on an average Belgian spring day -i.e. sunny but cloudy- in 3 hours and 10 minutes. Nice! The Xtorm delivers 9000 mAh &  5V/2.1A output via a female usb port.

The Xtorm powerbank has a built-in led light & a small display that shows remaining battery life. It has a IP66 rating meaning it’s splashproof.

Xstorm exploremore - 5

We have carried them everywhere in the  last few months and we like them a lot. The Xtorm extreme powerbank now lives in our backpack.


  • compact en nice design
  • waterproof
  • works on tablets and smartphones
  • orange colour, you won’t lose it easily
  • price
  • Solarpanel is powerfull enough and comes with a handy bag
  • you can charge 2 devices
  • small led light built-in
  • simple one button operation
  • display showing remaining battery life


  • none, it just works, but you need sunshine for optimal result with the Solarbooster.

As the charging specs depend on what device you use and the weather conditions you’ll be in, we recommend checking the Xtorm website.

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