Härkila Pro Hunter GTX long term review

Hunting season has finished so it’s time to review the gear we have used. We’ve been invited on driven and stalking hunts for Roebuck and did all nighters hunting for Wild Boar in Germany. Weather conditions here when hunting were mostly miserable, very cold and rainy. It’s essential to wear quality clothing or you won’t enjoy the hunt at all. Being cold or having wet feet will definitely ruin your experience. 

As my old boots died after 8 years of service I really needed a new pair. My chose was the Harkila Pro Hunter GTX, a hardwearing leather boot reinforced with Kevlar. Being a 10″ high boot it will keep your feet dry in the field. I hate wet feet and I don’t like to wear rubber boots because they are uncomfortable to walk long distances.  I have worn the Härkila Pro Hunter GTX boots during week-long overland camping trips in Croatia, walked long distances in rainy weather in the UK, and they kept my feet warm during a 14 hour hunt from a stand in freezing conditions… However, don’t go for long walks without breaking them in first. Breathability is excellent thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane.

The Vibram Fire & Ice sole is made from a special rubbercompound that maintains excellent grip and traction on wet and icy surfaces. It’s durable and works very well. Also it’s quite flexible, most hiking boots have very stiff soles that will give you cramps in your feet and legs after long walks. Harkila got it just right with the Harkila Pro Hunter GTX.  The Ortholite insoles are washable, retain their structure over time and are antimicrobial. For tough looking boots they are surprisingly lightweight, just under 1 kilo per boot. These boots did a very good job when we we’re crawling in deep mud to get the 4×4 jeeps unstuck in the middle of nowhere…

2016_Harkila Pro Hunter WEB - 1


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent breathability
  • Waterproof, no wet feet anymore during hunts….
  • Very comfortable thanks to the flexible Vibram sole and the Ortholite insoles
  • Will keep your feet warm in the winter, just wear good quality wool socks


  • The need some breaking in
  • Expensive

Quality comes at a price but these boots will last you years. If you looking for a comfortable boot that will keep your feet warm and dry, the Harkila Pro Hunter GTX is an excellent choice.

Keep exploring.


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