The most basic form of transportation. There’s nothing like it.

Outdoor essential No. I

Essentials are things that are very difficult to make or obtain in the wilderniss. You need a container for water as it is the most essential commodity for a human.

Remember this:

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Frogs of Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu (4095m) is the highest mountain of the Malay Archipelago and a well known tourist attraction . The ascent is a 2 day/1 night ordeal and by no means an easy trek. The thoughest part is the gruelling descent, a true torture to the knees! After paying admission fees, overnight stays, guide fees, park fees, etc… You will have heavily contributed to the Malay economy. It’s expensive, really expensive.

frogs Mt Kinabalu (3 of 8)

As I wanted to spare my knees, save money and avoid crowdy mountains all in one go, I decided to explore the Kinabalu national park.

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L’Œil du Québec

If you are in to remote wilderness this is it. No airplanes, no people, stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife spotting. This part of Quebec is a wilderness area 350 km north of Baie Comeau. It is situated east of the Manicouagan crater, one of the largest impact craters on the planet and is clearly visible from space. Hence the name, as it looks like an eye… It is thought to have been caused by the impact of a 5 km diameter asteroid about 215.5 million years ago and was once thought to be associated with the end Carnian extinction event.

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