Outdoor essential No. I

Essentials are things that are very difficult to make or obtain in the wilderniss. You need a container for water as it is the most essential commodity for a human.

Remember this:

You can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water & 3 weeks without food.

The most used container is the Nalgene bottle as it is unbreakable, BPA free and a lot of aftermarket products (like waterfilters, insulation, bags…) are designed to be compatible.

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However you can’t use it to cook water, the most basic and effective method to produce drinking water. That’s why I use a stainless steel version of the Nalgene bottle. I attached a bail to it so can be suspended over a fire (coffee or tea anyone?) and has a little pink splash guard on it, fancy. This is very handy when you try to drink while you’re in a bumping 4×4 …

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The stainless steel version is made by Guyot Designs, every production run sells out quickly so get one as soon as you can.

Also it can be used as a hammer…


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