Wings of Borneo

Butterflies and moths belong to the same order of insects, called Lepidoptera. The name means ‘scaly wings’ as most butterflies and moths are covered with tiny overlapping scales. The scales not only protect and strengthen their wings, but also form attractive colours and patterns. Here are a few guidelines, as always in flora & fauna, there are a lot of exceptions to the rules…


  • Generally active during the day.
  • Most are brightly coloured.
  • Usually rest with their wings closed.
  • Bodies are usually slender and not hairy.
  • Antennae has a clubbed tip.

(Shown above Troides aeacus “Golden Birdwing”)

Butterfly (5 of 5)

Parthenos silvia “The Clipper”

Butterfly (3 of 5)

Neorina Lowii butterfly


  • Generally active at night.
  • Most are dull in colour (but not this one…)
  • Usually rest with their wings open.
  • Bodies usually bulky and hairy.
  • Antennae is usually featherlike.

borneo beestjes web (4 of 10)

Cyana Perornata

 All these pictures have been taken in Sabah Borneo with a Canon G15.



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