Outdoor Cuisine

Here’s my basic personal cooking set when I go on hiking trips. For me this is as perfect as it gets; simple, sturdy & multifunctional. It allows me to cook my meal in 3 different ways.

  • On a campfire
  • On the WILD WOODGAS STOVE which allows me to have a contained fire with very little wood. I love it! It has a very clean, hot & effective combustion producing less carbon monoxide than an open fire. Also, you will never run out of fuel…
  • On a TRANGIA alcohol stove, when you can’t make a woodfire.

The WILD WOODGAS STOVE has a very compact 3-part design.

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I carry it in a stainless steel MSR STOWAWAY 775ml pot.

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Here’s the complete kit:

  1. Primus fuel bottle
  2. MSR stowaway 775ml pot
  3. Swedish Fold-a-Cup, now this is a winner! I’ve had it for years, buy one. Very durable and you can drink hot coffee without getting burned.
  4. Bic lighter. Great item, not to be trusted in wet weather though. Be sure to bring a firesteel, it will always give you a spark and they last forever.
  5. Titanium Spork
  6. Trangia alcohol stove
  7. Light my Fire firesteel, these are the best by far. I know, because I tried them all…
  8. Cotton-wool balls impregnated with vaseline. Use them as tinder to start a fire. Steal them from your girlfriend, girls use them to remove their make-up. Standard survival equipment for every girl on the planet.

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A compact multifunctional kit. Weight: +-800 grams (fuel excluded), not for ultralighters but sturdy as hell!

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Usually this kit also includes coffee, black pepper and salt. The only thing missing is the most essential tool for an outdoorsman: a knife, but I’ll write a few posts about that!



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