Tiger balm goodness.

According to my girlfriend I’m addicted to Tiger balm. When I travel in the tropics, or any hot and bug infested country, this stuff is essential. It’s compact, inexpensive & works well. It has many uses, but I’ll describe what I use it for;

  • This is the only relief for the bites of mosquitos/sandflies/jellyfish larvae/leeches etc…It really works and I prefer it to the cortisone containing ointments.
  • As I cannot resist scratching after being bit by mosquitos I damage my skin a little bit and as a consequence this attracts flies. After applying a dot of Tiger balm around the broken skin flies stay away. This reduces the risk for infection!
  • When sleeping in hot environments I trick my body into refreshing by applying Tiger balm around my neck, chest & arms. It really helps to sleep when it’s 35 C, and it smells nice too!
  • It contains petroleum & parafine, so you can light a fire with it, using it as tinder in case of emergency. Always carry a firesteel.

Do not:

  • Be carefull not to rub your eyes after applying it…
  • Don’t use it on broken skin.
  • Don’t apply it before taking a shower, it makes your skin much more sensible to heat or cold because of the augmented bloodcirculation in that area.

There are many other uses for Tiger balm but this is how I use it.

Keep exploring in buggy areas!


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