Room with a view: Nordisk Svalbard 1 si

Nordisk is a Danish tentmaker that has been delivering high end tents for more than 100 years. I was on the lookout for a single person light compact tent that could resist everything the harsh Icelandic nature could throw at it. After a lot of comparisons I opted for the Svalbard with the optional footprint. On paper it should prove ideal for Iceland with a hurricane resistant 40 meter per second wind rating and industry leading water resistance. With an amazingly small pack size and a total weight of only 1,7kg (including everything from pegs to storm lines and even the carrying bag) you can tuck this little tent everywhere.

This june was the wettest month in Iceland since the beginning of measurements so the little Svalbard was put to the test. After a month of camping in rain and storm not a drop went trough. The extreme Icelandic winds could not hurt it, although during storms it made a lot of noise no matter how careful I pitched it. Even with a lot of camping on unforgiving lava grounds the tent doesn’t show any wear or tear, this thing is really, really well made! I also liked it’s small footprint and found it very easy to find a flat spot to make camp. When it was raining the tent was a little smallish for me to change in, but I got used to it after a while. Next time I’m going to carry a small tarp to accompany the Svalbard. Then it’s going to be perfect! I also suggest steel pegs when you are camping in rocky environments, because I managed to bend some of those beautiful aluminium pegs. This little Nordisk tent just became a keeper for me. Highly recommended!

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