The best public roads in the world!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to praise Germany’s perfect engineered autobahn. Nor am I going to get all lyrical about those switchbacks in the Alpes. The best roads…those have to be roads that are so exhilarating that they are the very reason to be there. If you are on the best roads no destination matters. You just want to see the very best nature has to offer glide by. On the best roads you never want to arrive, you just want those jaw dropping sceneries to keep hitting you. So where might those roads be you wonder? Well, they are in Iceland!

Need directions? Well, set your compass to 66°north… It’s that island in between Greenland and Norway, hugging the arctic circle. Iceland basically is a vulcanic eruption that popped it’s head above the surface of the ocean about 50k years ago. This makes it one of the youngest and roughest patches of land on our planet. In June when the snow starts to thaw, roads accessing Icelands overwhelmingly beautiful highlands start opening. A magical landscape of fire and ice, filled with lava fields, volcanos, glaciers, lush valleys, deserts and rivers unfolds. Every track is a discovery and you will never have enough time to explore them all before a white carpet of snow covers the island in September, making the highlands inaccessible untill next summer. You will need a good sturdy 4×4 to enjoy these public roads. Make sure you fit the biggest tyres possible and fit a snorkel. You’ll be fording trough meter deep rivers multiple times a day. Ironically off roading is totally forbidden in iceland. The soil and vegatation is so delicate that it takes up to 50 years to repair tyre tracks in the Icelandic landscape. But even if you stick to the tracks you often wonder if it’s possible to drive over those boulders or make it trough that river. So there is no need to risk a huge fine or even to lose your vehicle if the rangers catch you straying. You WILL get your kicks if you stay on the marked roads. Ready to give it a go then? Drop us a line, we will guide you! To get there with your own car or motorcycle you will need to put some cash in the account of smyrilllines, the only ferry operator that takes you there. A 48 hour cruise from Denmark on board of the Nörrona. You will make a stop at Thorshavn at the Faroe islands and sail trough their mindblowingly beautiful fjords before you arrive in Seydisfjordur in the east of Iceland.

If you want something more addictive than this you will have to stick a needle in your arm!

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