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Wings of Borneo

Butterflies and moths belong to the same order of insects, called Lepidoptera. The name means ‘scaly wings’ as most butterflies and moths are covered with tiny overlapping scales. The scales not only protect and strengthen their wings, but also form attractive colours and patterns. Here are a few guidelines, as always in flora & fauna, […]

Legend on wheels, the Mercedes G-class.

The Mercedes G-Wagon is assembled by hand in Graz by Puch. Originally ordered as a military vehicle during the seventies by the Shah of Iran, a great shareholder of Mercedes Benz at that time. It has been in non-stop production since 1979. It’s design is the everlasting timeless type and the off-road capabilities are legendary. […]

Frogs of Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu (4095m) is the highest mountain of the Malay Archipelago and a well known tourist attraction . The ascent is a 2 day/1 night ordeal and by no means an easy trek. The thoughest part is the gruelling descent, a true torture to the knees! After paying admission fees, overnight stays, guide fees, park […]

Outdoor Cuisine

Here’s my basic personal cooking set when I go on hiking trips. For me this is as perfect as it gets; simple, sturdy & multifunctional. It allows me to cook my meal in 3 different ways. On a campfire On the WILD WOODGAS STOVE which allows me to have a contained fire with very little […]

L’Œil du Québec

If you are in to remote wilderness this is it. No airplanes, no people, stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife spotting. This part of Quebec is a wilderness area 350 km north of Baie Comeau. It is situated east of the Manicouagan crater, one of the largest impact craters on the planet and is clearly visible […]

Gotta be sharp in the wild!

A knife is by far the most important tool to carry in the wild. However, a dull knife is useless and dangerous. Knifesharpening is an art and an exercise in Zen meditation. Wax on wax off! Take your time and control your breathing. Remember, practice makes perfect… This is the sharpening set I take with […]

Tool N° 1

To be honest, coffee is essential on the trail and there’s only one item that is more important to me, a knife! If you are a hard-core city tripper you’ll probably won’t see the need to carry a knife. However, when travelling off the beaten path you will find a knife indispensable. A bushcraft knife, custom […]