Nikon Monarch 7 binoculars review

Binoculars are essential for wildlife observation, as it is nearly impossible to approach wild animals in their habitat without being spotted. Animals often have much better senses than humans and they will hear, smell & see you from miles away. It’s a good idea not to interfere with their natural routines. For example Roe Deer are very sensitive to any human disturbance often leaving their habitat and sometimes abandoning their hidden fawns. That is why forest rangers tell visitors to stay on paths and yell at you when your dog is running loose…


Determination of birds is much easier when you can observe them close-up. That’s why, when I’m out, I always carry binoculars.

I opted for the Nikon Monarch 7 8 x 42

-waterproof (I use them often in high humidity environments)
-fog proof (nitrogen filled)
-good performance in low light conditions, since most animals are active around dawn and dusk (ED glass)
-wide field of view, which makes it easier to spot moving animals
-comfortable neopreen neck strap
-depth of view is excellent

I do not like the caps for the objective lenses. They should protect the lenses but in practice they never stay attached.


I have used the Monarch 7 binoculars for a year in all kinds of environments and they perform excellent. Highly recommended! In my opinion the best buy in the 400€ to 600€ price range.

Binoculars greatly enhance the “natural” experience !

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