Red Sea Safari

The term safari originates originally from the Arabic word سفرية (safarīyah) meaning “a journey”.

In Swahili Safari means “a long journey”. So, as you can imagine, I’m all for safari’s!  They come in all shapes and sizes, and I love them all. This particular long journey took place on – and in – the Red Sea. We got on a boat in the Travco Marina in Sharm El Sheick Egypt, kicked of our shoes and our feet would touch shoes nor shore for the coming 8 days. In early november we were spoiled with + 30°C temperatures and even the water was 27°C!

So for the next week it’s sun, sea, friends and four amazing dives a day. In the red sea you get the best of everything. From whale sharks to shrimps and from dolphins to nudibranches, you can see all of them if you are lucky. The reefs are breathtaking and wildlife is amazing. We started our trip from Sharm and headed to Ras Mohammed National Park. From there we sailed to Abu Nahas where we explored some shipwrecks. After a dive at Shag Rock we headed for the famous Thistlegorm wreck and did a few dives on this incredible underwater museum. We ended our Safari with some dives around Tiran Island. We had a truly fantastic time. Every dive was special and every dive we discovered new things. All the surrealistic little creatures you find on a night dive, the playfull dolphins, the gracious hammerhead sharks, the intriguing ship wrecks and the beautiful reefs…it’s hard to beat!

Despite what many people think all is quiet in Sharm El Sheick. I even think it’s the best time ever to go. Why? Because the dive sites are not crowded, which in turn ensures more wildlife. But also because you would really help a region that’s struggling. These are challenging times for everyone depending on tourism in the red sea area, and going there now is a clear WIN-WIN situation. If you want to dive with the best, hook up with, they will make sure you have the time of your life…I did!

red sea safari (9 of 11)

Stonefish, with a face only a mother could love…

red sea safari (10 of 11)

A very, very little shrimp hiding in the coral.

red sea safari (7 of 11)

nice reef with beautiful Zebra Bream

red sea safari (1 of 11)

Eye to Eye, it blew my mind…

red sea safari (1 of 1)

Pyjama Chromodorid

red sea safari (8 of 11)

called crocodile fish, hmm wonder why.

red sea safari (5 of 11)

Spanish Dancer

red sea safari (3 of 11)

Bottle Nose Dolphin

red sea safari (4 of 11)

Crown of Thorns Starfish

red sea safari (11 of 11)

Tapestry Turban

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